Continuing Education Requirements to Maintain the CPSR Designation

To maintain the right to use the CPSR designation, you must earn six (6) continuing education credit hours annually.

Hours must be earned each year by the last day of the month of your birthday.

The following are the three (3) items which need to be submitted to the NFCPSR for your annual update:

  1. Request For Annual CPSR Update - This form must be filled out completely.  A copy of this form can be downloaded by clicking here.
  2. Continuing Education Certificate of Completion - This is a form issued when completing a CPSR module or an approved program for continuing education credit.
  3. Recertification Fee - A $25.00 recertification fee is due with the Update Form and Certificate of Completion. ┬áThe only exception to the recertification fee is if you attend any of the five (5) core CPSR Modules or the CPSR Advanced Update courses.